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Going home. It can be a very confusing concept.

Where’s home, you ask?

The idea of “home” has so many facets:

  • who you’re with
  • the spot you live
  • the place you’re from
  • where you share with like-hearted people
  • where you’re targeting to go
Here are a few places Robert and I are “home”.

Every day we are home.

We are home every day because we’re together.

Every day we are home because we sleep

in our little house-on-wheels – where ever it’s parked.

(this is in Williston Florida – our “home” for January 2015)

Home is where our children live.

We spent a beautiful time in Raleigh, North Carolina in November and December with our children. It had been six months since we’d been “home” to Raleigh – with our children, and those we love in our Garner Congregation at the New Apostolic Church.

Giving thanks – at a praise and worship evening

after decorating the altar with all the bounty God has provided.

Turning the tables on our daughter –

doing laundry every week at her home…

using her water, eating food from her ‘fridge, and using her Wifi!

Working with Alex in his business – Your Local Studio

Having an early Christmas dinner together.

 and  a walk through Bethlehem and the Christ-Story with some of our friends…

Home is where we’re from… 

Both Robert and I were born and raised in Canada. We grew up about an hour away from Toronto in Waterloo and Guelph. Home is where we’re from – and where our  parents still live. Home is where our childhood friends have built their lives – and they lovingly include us whenever we show up, welcoming us home.

 We went home for Christmas!

Robert had to do the rounds, ’cause I caught a cold

and spent our time in Canada – in bed. 

Yeah. That quick trip to Canada at Christmas

felt like a dream to me…  (sigh).

But there was no snow – and we were SO thankful!

Home is sharing with believers in Christ.

Robert and I anchor our week by going to church.


“Church” is a place-word which means something special to Robert and me. The word, “church” hasn’t been one spot for us, rather it’s a word for where we gather with other followers of Christ to worship, to hear God’s Word, to learn and grow, to have fellowship, celebrate Holy Communion, to pray together – in oneness, to re-align our lives to a Godly standard, to work on ourselves to be ready for when Christ returns, because we want to be part of His Bride.

When we walk into a spot, to gather with believers in Christ, we are home.

Whether it’s in Brooksville, Florida 

or a small group Bible study in Panera Bread

in Gainesville – with young and older,

all sharing thoughts as we studied the 17 Chapter of Matthew,

 or “church” in Ocala

or  sharing in a “Super” fellowship with the Ocala church-family,

welcomed into a member’s home …

Our eight months on the road

and visiting more than 20 churches

has taught us that we can feel “at home” wherever believers gather.

Home is where we’re headed

– and yet to be discovered.

Where will our home be in the months to come?

On Tuesday February 10, 2015 we will be leaving Florida and traveling to Louisiana. We’re following Robert’s speaking schedule. The next group he’ll be talking to about values in business will be in Monroe, Louisiana. And then it’s on to Shreveport, Louisiana.

Robert has over 20 engagements confirmed, up until the end of September.

And he’s talking with many others to fill up the rest of 2015.

If you’re interested in learning more about Robert’s speaking tour, take a look at – he’s been accepting speaking engagements from Texas in the spring to Utah in the fall. It’s an adventure.


So, where is home? And where do Robert and I go to go home?

I guess it’s exactly as I’ve described in this post – we’re happy to have a home where we’ve been – in Canada, in Raleigh and where our kids live – we make our home wherever our little house-on-wheels is parked – and feel at home with other Christ-followers, as we all prepare for our home to come – that place which Jesus said he’s gone to prepare for us all – our Home on High!

Where is home for you? 

If you said you were going home, what does that mean? I imagine you would also have more than one spot you’d call home!