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We spent four weeks during October and November near Atlanta, Georgia, in the Twin Lakes RV campground . It was one of the nicer camps we’ve stopped at – spacious and well tended – with two pretty pond-like lakes.

At night the fountains were lit with a blue light and a green light. We never got a great picture of them, but you can imagine, I think, from this slightly blurred one taken through our windshield. The real sight was 100x better!

We were parked up, up, up – high up – on a treed hill in a double RV spot. We had neighbors for a few days out of the 30, but most times we were blessedly to be alone!

I truly appreciated the full-time fellow who worked in the park, because he came by every week and blew all the leaves away from our site. This kept the area so neat and clean.  (small stuff, but important!) The only downside to our time at this campground was the water pressure up on the hill. It was seriously lacking… just a dribble at times. Yup. Just life on the road!

Robert had a number of meetings in Atlanta, and he flew out of the airport there for a quick trip to the north. Atlanta traffic is as crazy as you’ve heard.

During our four weeks we were thankful to participate in the local Atlanta New Apostolic church’s services, small group evenings and events, including a fall-fest. The congregation is growing, and settling into a new complex with a sanctuary, fellowship rooms, and a separate Sunday School child-care building. (I enjoyed the outdoor courtyard!)

It was lovely to reconnect with some old friends and make some new ones!

A friend from my childhood, her husband and boys are part of the Atlanta NAC congregation. They treated us to a full German-style feast at their home: roast beef, spaetzle, red cabbage and more. We were spoiled!

During these four weeks, we also took the opportunity to drop in on two mega-churches for their Sunday night worship events.

One of these churches was 12-Stone, led by Kevin Myers, with executive pastor, Dan Reiland. We’ve been reading Dan Reiland’s “Pastors Coach” for years, and last year were privileged to attend an all-day program as he taught from his book, Amplified Leadership: 5 Practices to Establish Influence, Build People, and Impact Others for a Lifetime
Another leader in the 12-Stone community is Chris Huff. Robert’s been reading his blog for a while, and will often read something to me from Chris’ posts.

We were intrigued to experience the culture of the multi-campus, multi-service church.

They sent us home with a “welcome” package, including a CD of songs composed and sung by their worship team. One of the songs is called, “Stones” – see the video below with that song.


Stones from 12Stone Church on Vimeo. If you can’t see the video – here’s the link:

The other church we visited is pastored by Andy Stanley – called North Point – another multi-campus, multi-service church.

Robert and I have read a number of books by Andy Stanley, the latest being, Deep and Wide: Creating Churches Unchurched People Love to Attend –  and listened to his leadership podcasts.

Unfortunately, Andy Stanley was broadcasting from a different campus, (or perhaps it was taped from an earlier service) so we viewed him on a large screen. We did, however, experience a full-immersion baptism of a young woman, including her video-taped testimony of coming to Christ. And the praise and worship team also did a wonderful job preparing the gathering. (no CD, though. 😉  )

Here’s a video from YouTube to experience one of the North Point Music & Worship Team’s songs:

If you can’t see the video here’s the link:

Another music highlight was an afternoon in the home of a friend who is so talented on the guitar. He sang us contemporary songs and worship songs, and our hearts were just filled with joy. We were in awe of his talent, and thankful for the afternoon together with his family.

If you’re ever in Atlanta, stop in on a Sunday morning in the New Apostolic Church and there’s a good chance he’ll be playing before the service begins…

We love public libraries!

Libraries have been a passion of mine (Lori) for all my life.

All. Fifty. Years. (well – maybe 45)

My mom used to take me to the library following my piano lesson from the time I was six or seven, and I’ve been reading voraciously since then. As we travel, we take advantage of all the amenities in the local libraries – particularly the free WiFi!

Cummings Library – Forsythe County – has to be one of my favorite libraries in our six months on the road. Their “quiet” room became my office on many days.

Some days I was there to open, and close!

Have you been to your local library lately?

Libraries aren’t only about books, you know… There are DVDs, CDs, programs, computers, meeting rooms, learning opportunities, lectures, and so much more.

Libraries are an oasis in this busy world…

As an example of this, I saw a photo ONLINE from the front door of the Ferguson MO library

– after a tumultuous time in their city…

Isn’t that beautiful?

 I’m looking forward to seeing this library in Ferguson MO sometime along our journey.

The World of Coke

Our one side-trip was to the Atlanta headquarters of Coke. It’s a 92,000-square-foot, $97 million museum filled with everything “Coca-Cola”! We tried some of the 100 varieties of Coke from around the world, watched classic Coke advertisements (Rob loved that!) and much more. In the next post, I’ll write about our tour, and share photos.

Here are few photos till then:

Time to leave Atlanta

As our time in Atlanta drew to a close, the weather got much colder. It rained. And went below freezing. Our little house on wheels is quite warm, with an electric fireplace and a propane furnace, but it was time to move on. Thanksgiving was coming, and we wanted to be in Raleigh with our kids.

On Monday, November 17th we packed up in the rain – and moved on!